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Healthcare Workforce Management Software a Must Have for LTACHs

Control costs while maintaining the highest quality levels’, is the mandate for all LTACHs today. As healthcare organizations seek to balance the need for reducing costs with the goal of improving care, keeping the workforce satisfied and engaged becomes extremely challenging. Information technology is beginning to play a pivotal role in helping healthcare organizations meet this mandate with hospitals, long-term care, and other providers deploying intelligent and easily deployable workforce management tools.

Features that make Healthcare Workforce Management software a must have for LTACHs are:

  • Predictive Analytics – Forecast return on investment, calculate cost savings, value creation, and simulate workforce planning scenarios.
  • Cost Optimization – At every stage of scheduling, the software automatically schedules or encourages the staffer/scheduler to choose the right resource at the optimum cost and can help adjust the daily staff mix based on the census, acuity, and hours per patient day.
  • Advanced Overtime Warning and Budgeting – Healthcare Workforce Management Software flags overtime resources even before they are scheduled and provides replacement options, thus allowing Long Team Care hospitals to forecast, control and budget for their overtime and premium spend.
  • Automated Real-Time Reporting – Increase transparency across the LTACH through anytime, real-time reports, including hours per patient day.
  • Facilitated System-Wide Floating – Healthcare Workforce Management Software has a built-in staffing workflow to facilitate system-wide floating based on the “specialty” of the employee, thus filling potential gaps in staffing and removing nurse dissatisfies.
  • Easy Interface with Other It Systems – Interface Healthcare Workforce Management Software with financial, time and attendance, payroll, HR and EMR systems to capture relevant data and ensure that all LTACH departments see the same required reports.
  • Software as a Service – Workforce Management Software is hosted on a cloud and delivered through a SaaS model.
  • Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) – Intelligent Workforce Management Software is hosted on an SAS 70-certified data center.
  • Compliance Reporting And Advanced Messaging – Healthcare Workforce Management Software’s HR compliance reporting and advanced messaging ensure employee profiles are kept current with state and federal compliance, certifying all employees have required current credentials and licenses.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Login – Staff, schedulers, and management can access from any device anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular signal.