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6 Smart Ways to use Social Media for your Nursing Career

Social Media has been an integral part of everyone’s life. Over a period of time it has not only helped us to curb the burnout due to the pandemic but also helped us to stay connected with everyone around. But, can social media be something that can help you on the professional front as well? Here’re the smart ways to use social media for your nursing career.

  • Use it to build your brand: It’s important to consider what image of yourself you want to put up on social media. Avoid posting anything controversial. Also, review your posts to figure out what they say about you.

  • Utilize it to learn more: Use the platform to brush up on health care topics to stay at the forefront in your career. Participate in discussions, ask questions, and share valuable information that might have come across.

  • Engage in professional networking: Follow other nurses or nurse leaders whom you look up to. Join groups of similar interests. Post updates about your career, talk about your engagements or journal articles that you find interesting to position yourself as an expert

  • Broadcast health-related knowledge : Use social media to share knowledge about medical concerns, surgical procedures, and other treatments. The audio-visual aspect offered by the platform helps viewers to understand better.

  • Give & get support:  Social media provides nurses with an outlet to connect with other healthcare professionals to share their emotional, personal and educational concerns & stay positive even in hard times.

  • Use social media to look for jobs: As per AMN’s survey, almost half of RNs use it to look for job opportunities, while the other half research potential employers or contact a recruiter. Nurses should look for job postings and keep their resumes completely up to date on social platforms meant for professional networking.

Social media can help nurses in fostering professional connections, following health care topics and enhancing the role of nursing in the community.