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3 Tips for Offering Better Telehealth Experience

As per studies, virtual visits accounted for roughly 70% of total visits in the U.s during the early stages of the outbreak. And the telehealth market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 28% during the period 2020-2026. 

As telehealthcare becomes more prevalent, providers may consider the communication skills that will lead to a positive patient experience. Watch the video for tips.

  • Create a strong first impression: Patients who have not used telehealth before are expected to be skeptical about it. Making the scheduling process informative and personalized could make a great initial impression on your patients. 
  • Display non-verbal empathy: Body language can be a great tool to signify empathy in telecare visits. Smiling at the patients, maintaining eye contact, or simply putting your hand over your heart can convey that you are “all in” on the visit. 
  • Show a genuine, caring presence: Dealing with emotions is the most important aspect of communicating with patients online. Acknowledging the pain & identifying and validating the emotions the patient is experiencing with kind words can help build trust and rapport. 

The healthcare industry is quickly moving towards more digital formats as telehealthcare is becoming more accessible and common among patients who do not require active treatment or have no emergencies. But as more patients choose to hop on to the technology, it is important to work upon the communication strategies and approaches that would make telehealthcare more empathic. What are your thoughts on this? Do share with us any tips you have.